Sprouts are packed full of vitamins and minerals and contain natural antioxidents. Fresh and ready to eat our range includes:

  • Alfalfa - Is fantastic as part of a salad or sandwich

For a spicy touch try

  • Alfalfa Radish


  • Alfalfa Onion mix
  • Baby mung - new shoots of mung beans. Sweet to eat added to salad or a stir fry at the last minute.
  • Crunchy Combo - a mixture of sprouted red aduki beans, lentils and peas. Crunchy added to salad or try in coleslaw.
  • Mung beans - a regular favourite. Shoots are sweet and crunchy.
  • Snow Peas Shoots - add colour and variety to dished both hot and cold.

Or try our Salad and Sandwich packs for a combination of some of our most popular sprouts.

For some recipes and serving suggestions, please check out the recipes page.